Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up? How-To Take Control and Get Discounts H1P1

Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up? How-To Take Control and Get Discounts

For good drivers, there is nothing more frustrating than getting a car insurance renewal and seeing the price go up when you have not had any claims. The first question that comes to mind is:

"Why did my car insurance go up? I had no claims and my car is only one year older!"
There are two sets of factors that can make the price of your car insurance increase. Knowing what could make your car insurance go up in price when you haven't had any claims can help you save money. When you understand the factors, then you are in a better position to negotiate the price and find an insurance company that will give you the lowest cost. You may also want to read our article on the top cheapest cars to insure if you are planning on buying a new car and wonder what the average cost of car insurance will be.

How Does the Insurance Company Set the Price?

The first set of factors that impact your car insurance rate relates to the things that revolve entirely around your situation, the elements within your control.

10 Things That Can Make the Cost of Your Car Insurance Renewal Go Up

  1. Your claims history and driving record.
  2. History of convictions or driving violations causing surcharges.
  3. Change of address, placing you in a new area that may be more expensive regarding insurance.
  4. New drivers added to the policy or changes of the primary drivers of various vehicles on the policy.
  5. Cancellation of home policy, or other policy causing you to lose the discount for having more than one policy with the same insurer.
  6. The removal of a vehicle from the policy. Sometimes you get discounts for insuring more than one car. If you remove your second car, the price of insurance on the first car might go up.
  7. Change of employment. You may lose a group discount, a professional discount, or possibly have the distance to work change, making your rate go up.
  8. Medical conditions that increase your risk, or restrictions that cause reclassification to high-risk insurance due to convictions like drunken driving charges.
  9. Mistakes. Yes, insurance companies can sometimes make mistakes. Never assume that the rate you got is the best rate or that it is necessarily correct. There are computer and human errors that can occur, so it is always worth reviewing the factors with your representative when you're in doubt.
  10. Changes to the payment plan fees or structure on your insurance plan. Sometimes insurance companies change the financing rates or add new service charges that you may not have noticed. Take a look at your payment options and make sure you choose one that best meets your needs. Some companies offer zero financing, and others can charge up to 5% or more. This can impact your actual annual insurance cost.

The second set of factors relates to your car and the insurance company: the factors "beyond your control."

Other Factors That Make Car Insurance Costs Higher:
We will review all the possibilities so that you are in the best position to make decisions to start saving more money on your insurance and get a full understanding of what impacts your auto insurance premium and why it went up.

Your Choice of Insurance Company and Representative
In any circumstance, every insurer is slightly different in how it perceives risks, which means that based on your particular circumstances, where one insurance company may provide a lot of value, another may not. Understanding the factors of how your insurance rate is determined will help you get the most from your insurance company.

  • Make sure you find the car insurance company that offers you the best advantages for your needs. 
  • If you are dealing with a Direct Insurance Company, or a captive insurance agent, you may decide that this is a good time to seek the advice of an Independent Agent or broker who can check lots of companies for you to find the best price.
  • Although there are often strong reasons to stay with an insurance company, like loyalty discounts and advantages, over time situations change and you may save money and gain advantages when you cancel your policy and switch to a new insurance company.

What Makes Car Insurance Prices Increase (Even When the Car is a Year Older)?
The insurance company covers several things in your car insurance which impact the cost:

  • The Entire Vehicle
  • The Parts of the Vehicle
  • Your Liability

When the vehicle gets one year older, only one of these factors changes if you don't have claims: the value of the entire vehicle. The other two factors remain equal, or may even increase in cost.

"Everything Stayed the Same, I Had No Claims, Why Did My Car Insurance Price Still Go Up?"

If you think everything stayed the same, why then would the price still increase? There are external factors that impact your insurance for each of the coverages on your policy. You can ask your insurance agent what part of the insurance increased to have a specific understanding of your situation.

Ask for a comparison of costs from last year's premium to this year's cost on:

  • Liability (bodily injury, property damage, etc.)
  • Collision (usually impacted by claims)
  • Comprehensive (Fire, theft, vandalism, etc.)
  • Endorsements

In general, here are the factors that are beyond your control that may make your premium increase.

External Factors That Impact the Cost of Car Insurance and May Cause the Price to Go Up

  • Liability claims paid out by the insurance company for the entire volume of the clients they insure can impact their general liability rates. If the previous year(s) showed a steady increase in the amount they have been paying on claims and defense costs as part of this coverage, the insurance company might make rate adjustments. This is entirely beyond your control.
  • Collisions, vandalism, or increased claims in your area. Sometimes due to changes in traffic patterns, weather patterns, or if areas become more congested over time, or a variety of other factors, an area may start to see increased claims. When an insurance company starts to notice these patterns in an area, they may adjust the rates accordingly.
  • An increase in car theft rates in your state or area, or for your car in particular. The way to determine if it is related to your specific car is to ask your agent if your vehicle rate group has increased since last year, and get their insight into the matter. If this is the issue for your car, you can consider if it would be advantageous for you to add anti-theft devices or vehicle engraving and get a discount to offset the increases. Car thefts impact both new and old cars and every time the annual reports of top stolen vehicles come out, insurance companies are sure to take note, as well as compare this to their own loss experience or claims paid on the type of car.1

Why Would Someone Steal an Old Car?

  • If your car parts become more difficult to find on the market, and your type of car was a popular model because of its reliability, thefts for your vehicle may increase, which then drives the cost of insurance up, even though your car is old and you have not had any claims. You can check out the list of the Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in the U.S. and Top Ten Stolen Vehicles in Canada to get an idea. Some of the cars on the list may surprise you.

Exceptions to Depreciating Value in Insurance

Things become even more complicated if you have purchased insurance coverage on the entire car that waives depreciation such as GAP Insurance or Replacement Value. Most car policies pay a claim based on the value of the car at the time of loss, but some special coverages may entitle you to a replacement value or agreed value settlement.

Agreed Value is less common in regular cars, but for high-end vehicles, antiques or collectibles, this may also be an optional coverage that people have purchased. In all these cases, even if the value of the vehicle has changed, your insurance agreement still insures the full value.

Does the Cost of GAP Insurance Increase on a Renewal?

Some companies determine a flat rate for GAP insurance or may lock in the price for a set term.5 As your car gets older, the amount of value being covered by your GAP Insurance changes. If you didn't pay a flat rate for your GAP insurance, then the price of the insurance may go up year after year, this varies between different GAP insurance companies, so be sure and check if this situation applies to you.

As you start to pay down your car loan, the gap will disappear or you may not need it anymore.

You can also see if you can find a better price on GAP insurance to save money by checking different providers of Gap Coverage before you buy.

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